What is Fribox?

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Fribox & Dropbox©

Fribox is fully integrated with Dropbox© core APIs. You can share folders added to Dropbox folder, delete, etc.

Fribox evolves

With Fribox Professional you will be able to interact with other Clouds like Google Drive© and Microsoft Onedrive©. All core APIs supported on Mac OSX Systems!

It so easy

Tell to your friends! With Fribox you are free to "leave" your information where they are ... and if you want to synchronize a folder or a file, just "drag" on the window of Fribox and you're done.

Sharing symlink

With Fribox also can browse the resources in DropBox sync, even visually, you'll notice the resources created and shared by Fribox. You can share folders and files synchronized to Dropbox via Fribox and see with whom you've shared.


In the basic version Fribox only works for DropBox, but the next versions will also support Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive.